Student Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

Senior Prefects, including the Head Boy, Head Girl and Deputies

- Support the School Leadership Team in matters of organization including undertaking duties at breaks and lunchtimes

- Take a lead within the Sixth Form community, providing a good example of behaviour and attitude to study

- Support whole school events such as Open Evenings

House Captains, Vice Captains and Form Captains

- Encouraging members of the House to participate in House activities and competitions

- Sustaining the spirit of the House and helping to ensure students maintain good discipline during House activity

- Leading by example

School Council

- To meet as representatives of the student body to discuss the views of the students

- To collect views from members of their form for discussion and return information in a timely manner

- To bring about school improvement

Year 8 Buddies

- To be available to support New Year 7 students during their first few terms

- To be role models, explaining school systems and helping Year 7 students to settle in

- To model effective academic habits for Year 7 students, including daily organisation, planner use and completion of homework

Sports Leaders - Years 8-11

- To model outstanding effort and engagement in PE, demonstrate excellent leadership potential and have the interest in developing these skills

- To assist either Sports Ambassadors or the PE staff in the running of clubs and events

- To train through the National School Games Programme

Year 9 Youth Stars

- To support Year 7 and 8 students with embedding good emotional health in school and with feeling settled

- To provide support in building and maintaining friendships

- To assist younger students with exam preparation

Peer Listeners - Years 11-13

- To undertake training as delivered and directed by Diane and use their knowledge and experience to support students throughout the school with emotional well-being

- To support Diane in the delivery of PSHE lessons and organise circle times in forms as and when required

- To produce posters and leaflets advertising the service and promoting relevant mental health information

Subject Ambassadors - Year 12 and 13

- To be the ‘Senior Student Team’ for the department

- To mentor individuals and help them to prepare for assessments

- To support in lessons, especially KS3

Student Marketing Team - Year 12 

- To lead on running school tours

- To provide a student viewpoint and make suggestions on the content and presentation of the website, promotional videos and social media messages

- To take an active role in the planning and execution of open evenings

Form Prefect Role and Responsibilities - Year 12

- To develop a positive relationship with the form and be a positive role model for younger students

- To be a sympathetic listener with whom younger students can communicate

- To be a presence in form rooms and act as form mentors, advising them on school procedures.

Student Academic/Pastoral Mentors

- Nationally recognised Level 2 qualification in Mentoring for Year 12s and Level 1 for Year 9s.

- Year 12s mentor Year 10s and Year 9s mentor Year 7s

- The qualification is delivered in one lesson per week over 30 weeks after school