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Partial school opening: from 15 June for students in Years 10, 12 and Key Worker Children only.

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Dear Parents/Guardians

We are pleased that the Government have clearly stated that they want all students to return to school full time in September. Whilst I am proud and humbled by the way that the QEHS community has risen to the challenge of distance-learning, it will be good to have the students back in the school buildings and seeing QEHS rebuilding the special community we enjoy here.

We are still working through the details of what next year will look like. However, suffice to say that things will certainly be different in September. Movement around the school will be restricted by a one-way system but I am sure students will quickly find the best routes for them around the school. Lunch and break times will also be staggered in order to avoid having too many students queuing and eating in the canteens.

In line with Government guidance, we will create ‘year-group-sized bubbles’ which means that students in each year must not mix with students from other year groups. We recognise that siblings from different years will still mix at home but in school we must rigidly stick to the year groups. That will have an impact on other aspects of school-life such as our assembly program, House activities and extra-curricular clubs.

The most effective way to control the spread of the virus is self-regulation and I am confident that our students will look after themselves and each other by following the rules and being aware of those around them and surfaces that they might touch. It is crucial that if a student has any of the three symptoms they stay at home until they have had a test. We have a duty to fully engage in the NHS Test and Trace program so should a student test positive for the virus we will have to inform the NHS and follow the advice and guidance from Public Health England.

Whilst school transport will be running, the requirement for social distancing on buses means that the Government are asking us to encourage parents to find alternative methods for getting children to and from school. If students must travel on the bus they must follow the rules laid down by the bus company and again it will be for students to self-regulate their behaviour.

I am personally keen to get school back up and running, but in order to do this we must all work together and follow the rules in order to minimise the chance of the virus spreading in our community.

What I look forward to the most is seeing our school back together, albeit socially distanced, and enjoying learning again. Education is more than learning facts from a book or studying alone; it is a collaborative activity which requires continuous two-way dialogue between students and teachers. I know that our staff have been missing that direct relationship and I am sure that students have too. We can all look forward to September when we can start to get back to the vibrant, exciting learning community we all love.

Yours sincerely

Mr D Allsop



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