As you are aware, we are a selective grammar school and children wishing to come to our school at the start of their secondary education need to sit the Lincolnshire 11+ Tests during the start of Year 6 (primary school). Entry depends upon qualifying in the 11+ Tests. For your child to sit the 11+ you must complete an online 11+ Registration Form (please see below). For further information please contact [email protected].

To register your child to sit the 11+ test in September 2024, for entry in September 2025, please complete the registration form here. The deadline to register your child is Friday 22 March 2024.

Key dates for entry in September 2025 can be found here.

When preparing your child to sit the tests, we consider that the two familiarisation tests carried out by us are sufficient preparation for the tests. However, practice papers are available to purchase from various outlets or free to download from the GL Assessment website. Please ensure the multiple choice format is purchased. The ISBN numbers for the practice papers that we recommend are:

                         Verbal Reasoning Pack 1 - ISBN 978-0-7087-2761-4     Non-Verbal Reasoning Pack 1 - ISBN 978-0-7087-2764-5

                         Verbal Reasoning Pack 2 - ISBN 978-0-7087-2762-1     Non-Verbal Reasoning Pack 2 - ISBN 978-0-7087-2765-2

                         Verbal Reasoning Pack 3 - ISBN 978-0-7087-2763-8     Non-Verbal Reasoning Pack 3 - ISBN 978-0-7087-2766-9

        Bundle of all Verbal Reasoning Packs - ISBN 978-0-7087-2769-0 Bundle of all Non-Verbal Reasoning Packs - ISBN 978-0-7087-2770-6

To download the free practice papers from GL Assessment, please follow this link: GL Assessment Practice Papers

To view the Head Girl's guide on the 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning test, click here. 

To view the Head Boy's guide on the 11+ Verbal Reasoning test, click here.

If you would like to look at our September 2025 Admissions Policy, see our Policies Webpage here

September 2024 Policy can be viewed here.

September 2023 Policy can be viewed here.

It may help if you familiarise yourself with our Over-subscription Criteria. Our Published Admissions number is 186 and should we receive more applications than our PAN, places are allocated using the Over-subscription Criteria. 

QEHS Over-subscription Criteria

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For further school admissions advice, including mid-year admissions and appeals, please contact the School Admissions team at Lincolnshire County Council. More information can be found on their website here or by calling 01522 782030.