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Latest Exam Information from GOV.​UK 2 July 2020

Arrangements for examinations and assessments in 2020/21

Page summary: Letter from the Secretary of State for Education to Sally Collier, Chief Regulator, Ofqual on policy objectives related to exams and assessments in 2020/21.

Change made: First published. Time updated 9:00am, 2 July 2020

Latest Exam Information from GOV.​UK

Our consultation on draft statutory guidance on exam boards’ arrangements for appeals this summer and decisions on GCSE, AS and A level autumn exams.

Awarding qualifications in summer 2020 12 June 2020

Page summary: Information for schools, students and parents on how GCSE, AS, A level, vocational and technical qualifications will be graded and awarded in summer 2020.

Change made: Letter to Heads of Centre – general qualifications Summer 2020 arrangements added to documents.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): cancellation of GCSEs, AS and A levels in 2020

Page summary: This guidance aims to answer common questions in relation to the cancellation of GCSEs, AS and A levels due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in 2020.

Change made: This page has been updated to reflect the publication of Ofqual consultation documents.

External Exam Timetables 2020  

A Level External Timetable 2020

Exam information UPDATE: change to the duration of the GCSE Drama Component 3 Paper on 18th May 2020. See new timetable below:

GCSE External Exam Timetable 2020

Contingency Day for Summer Exams 2020

Results Days 

A-Level results day is August 13 2020

GCSE results day is August 20 2020

Information for Candidates:

Ban on watches in examsAs you may have heard on the news, there has been much discussion about whether watches should or should not be allowed in exams. As a result, and following recommendations from exam boards, we have taken the decision to ban all watches from exams. Please ensure that you leave your watch at home or somewhere safe before any exam, as it will not be allowed in the exam halls.

This rule will take immediate effect and will be implemented in all exams both internal and external.


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