Welcome from the Headteacher

A very warm welcome to Queen Elizabeth’s High School. As our crest clearly indicates, we proudly celebrate and promote: Tradition, Achievement, and Opportunity. These core values revolve around ensuring our students are well cared for, academically challenged and afforded access to a broad range of fulfilling and enriching co-curricular activities. As a result, students at QEHS feel safe, flourish within an environment of academic rigour, and develop interests and skills which will go on to serve them well throughout their lives.

On a day-to-day basis we promote these values by applying our QEHS Learner Standards:

Behaviour for Learning Standard

To secure excellent academic outcomes, there must first be a sense of good order, trust and mutual respect across the school community. With clear expectations around Behaviour for Learning, our students develop an understanding of how their behaviour affects both their own progress and that of others. To behave in a manner which allows everyone to learn and fulfil their potential is fundamental to securing success and building confidence. At QEHS, students are therefore expected to maintain high standards of behaviour at all times.

Learning to Learn Standard

When a student appreciates learning is a skill which may be honed, refined and developed over time they make better progress and secure enhanced outcomes. Therefore, at QEHS our students are actively encouraged to grow as reflective learners whilst working in partnership with highly skilled and committed staff within a curriculum designed to stretch and challenge. By engaging with Learning to Learn, our students are empowered to act proactively upon advice, guidance and constructive criticism. Consequently, QEHS students stand out as confident, creative and resourceful learners with a prized skill-set for ongoing studies.

Leadership for Learning Standard

QEHS is unique in just how integrated students from and between different year groups are. This is in no small part thanks to the numerous leadership opportunities afforded to our students through the school’s wonderful House system, through subject ambassadorship and the highly valued support associated with embedded peer-to-peer mentoring and student-led coaching approaches. On the ground we see Leadership for Learning work for both younger students who grow as leaders through the roles they take on, and also for older students who in turn inspire as empathetic, engaging and motivating leaders themselves.

Without doubt, Queen Elizabeth’s High School is a special place in which to learn and grow. There is a real sense of purpose and a high degree of collegiality amongst students and staff in this school. Consequently, QEHS continues to thrive and blossom as we look to the future with confidence, a true sense of purpose and a determination to succeed at the highest levels.

Our shared vision at QEHS, quite simply, is to offer an outstanding education and to be the destination of choice for academic excellence. This is achieved by providing an environment in which students are academically challenged, well cared for, and are afforded access to a broad range of fulfilling and enriching co-curricular activities.

I hope you will find the content of our website informative, engaging and inspiring in equal measure. I would encourage you to visit the school to see for yourself just how vibrant and purposeful our learning environment really is. Tours conducted by Sixth Form students during the normal operation of a school day demonstrate just how proud we are of the QEHS offer, so please do make an appointment to come and see us in action. I am confident you will not be disappointed.

Mr R M Eastham