QEHS Foundation

Call for applications to the QEHS Foundation

The School Charity - QEHS Foundation (Gainsborough) has the following aims:

The Charity aims to support and assist the students of Queen Elizabeth's High School by funding activities and events not normally covered by the School Budget Share and by supporting families when circumstances are such that financial assistance would be advantageous to help facilitate the fulfilment of students' lived experiences as members of the QEHS community.

Individual Students

Any current student in the school can apply to the fund for a grant up to £200. Grants could be given for things such as support for extra-curricular sporting, music and performing arts activities or learning activities outside of school where they may need financial assistance.

Applications can be made throughout the year and students should submit their case by completing the application form here outlining:

  • What the activity is and why they are unable to fund it themselves or from family support;
  • What the educational or other benefits to them will be from the activity.

School or student-based projects

Occasionally the school or individual students engage in worthwhile projects which may require financial support. This support may be in the form of a grant or a loan.  A loan may be required if the project will eventually make money but requires some initial funding.

Project leaders should submit their case by email to Mr Eastham in no more than 600 words outlining:

  • A full description of the project and how either the school or the individual(s) will benefit from the completion of the project and should include:
    • The aims of the project;
    • The scope (who will benefit);
    • Timescale of the project including a clear end date for evaluation;
    • What other sources of funding they have to support the project.

Outcomes and evaluation

Trustees reserve the right to seek further information from applicants. They will inform grant applicants of their decisions by email.  Unsuccessful applicants will be told why they were unsuccessful and given guidance as to whether/how the application could be altered/improved in the future. Trustees will require an evaluation to be submitted by the applicant within four weeks of the conclusion of the activity demonstrating how the grant or loan was used to support the stated aims. Successful applicants will be expected to assist the Trustees promote their projects and the charity through the school’s newsletter, website etc.

QEHS Foundation (Gainsborough) Trustees – April 2022