Rules and Attendance

School Rules 

All students have access to a copy of the full school rules and parents may request a copy from Reception.

The Code of Conduct is displayed in all classrooms and students’ attention is regularly drawn to this.  Following the Code of Conduct makes learning at QEHS a pleasurable experience for everyone.


Students not in registration, without good reason, are regarded as being late or absent.  All absences should be covered by an explanatory note from a parent/carer on the day of return.

A telephone call to the recorded absence system on the first day of absence is essential as, once registration has closed, parents of students who have been marked absent will be contacted by text message if they have not advised us of their child’s absence.  You must call every morning that your child is absent.

Students who arrive after registration must sign in at Reception.  If a student needs to leave school during the day, they must sign out at Reception and they will be asked to show an appointment card or similar.  On returning to school, students must sign in at Reception.

Only in exceptional circumstances are students given permission to leave school at lunchtime.  Parents/Carers should write to the Head of House, asking for permission to be given and explaining why a student needs to leave school.

It is very important that students should avoid unnecessary absences from school.  Please do not arrange to take a holiday during term time.  Any request for planned absence during the school year should be made by completing a leave of absence form (which can be collected from Reception or downloaded from the school’s website), explaining the circumstances.