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In 1984, Gainsborough Girls’ High School merged with Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School to form Queen Elizabeth’s High School. The staff and governors at the time did an excellent job in bringing the two schools together and QEHS has gone from strength to strength ever since. The new school badge was an amalgamation of the two badges, designed by a Sixth Former at the time and for the past couple of years, Year 7 have researched the origin of the current school badge with great interest. However, at the time there was no school motto created and that has remained the case. 

We now feel that it is time to correct that omission and create a new school motto.


Previous mottos 

The original Gainsborough Grammar School had the motto:
Ignavum fucos pecus a praesepibus arcent which we think means "All, with united force, combine to drive the lazy drones from the laborious hive", a quote from Virgil. 

In 1951, when a new Grammar School badge was created they changed the motto to:
Fortiter praeteritis prospicere gloriari which we think means "Strongly look on past glories" or more likely the meaning was that the school was building upon past success. 

The Gainsborough Girls’ High School’s motto was:
Courage and gaiety and the quiet mind. 

 Above the school’s main doors is the motto:
Service links all which was in fact the motto of Lindsey as it was Lindsey Education Board that commissioned and built our current school buildings in 1940. 


The Competition 

We are looking for people to put forward suggestions for a new school motto which sums up QEHS today and in the future. It can be in English or Latin, up to you, and should be short enough to fit under the school badge. Governors and the Leadership Team will then look through all of the entries and pick the one that we feel best represents QEHS. 

Entries should be sent to Mr Allsop at the school either by post or email motto@qehs.lincs.sch.uk, or by completing the Motto Competition Form. 


Any member of the school community, past or present, is welcome to enter, this includes students, staff, governors or parents. Please also feel free to share this competition with others that you know have been associated with the school.

The closing date for entries is Friday 21 April 2017. 


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