What Should I Do

What should I do ....

If my child is late for school?

Provide him/her with a note to explain why he/she is late. Remind your child to sign the late book at Reception and then go straight to his/her lessons.

If my child is absent from school?

contact the school as soon as possible;

send a note on the date the student returns to school;

ensure that the school is kept informed, especially if the absence is likely to exceed three days.

If my child forgets something important?

Bring the item to school and leave it at Reception. It would be helpful if all items are named and show your child’s form.

If your child forgets their school tie, they will not be allowed into lessons until their tie is brought into school or a new one is purchased. They will be sent to their lessons to collect work, and will work in isolation.

If I wish to contact my child in an emergency?

Telephone the school Receptionist and explain the problem. She will pass a message to your child.

If I bring my child to school by car?

Do not drive onto the school campus but stop the car on the school side of Morton Terrace avoiding the bus spaces. Please do not park or turn round in the school drive, as it is dangerous, or in other roads nearby, as our neighbours do not like it.

If I have to collect my child after a school visit?

See above. Please park in Morton Terrace and meet your child from the coach and see him/her safely to your car.

If I cannot see anywhere to park when I come to a Parent’s Consultation Evening?

There is always plenty of space behind the school building. Please avoid parking on the grass.

If my child wishes to cycle to school?

See that he/she has a cycling proficiency certificate and that he/she wears a cycle helmet. Cycle racks are available; however, your child would need to provide a lock.

If I wish to consult the School Counsellor?

Telephone Reception and they will put you through to Mrs Diane Hall.

If my child requires medication?

Provide written consent including details of medicine and dosage. Check that he/she only has sufficient to satisfy the recommended dosage. The Student Support Team will look after any medication whilst it is in school, providing it is properly named.

If my child is asthmatic?

Please ensure that he/she has an inhaler and that it is named. Please inform us of any changes in medical conditions so that we can update our files.

If my child is eligible for free school meals?

Please complete the registration form at the back of this booklet and return it to Miss Clark in the School Office. The information will be processed by LCC to check for eligibility for free school meals and additional pupil premium.

If there is a problem with the school buses?

Please contact the relevant bus company (telephone numbers on page 3 of this booklet).

If my child has an accident at school?

Qualified first-aiders deal with accidents and we have many qualified first-aiders on the staff. They will assess the situation and either deal with it straight away, ring for an ambulance (if it is an emergency) and contact you, or they may contact you to suggest you have your child checked by a doctor.

If I have concerns about my child’s behaviour or progress?

Contact his/her Form Tutor (or if necessary the Head of House) and the matter can either be discussed over the telephone or an appointment can be made so that the problem can be discussed in detail.

If my child seems unhappy?

In the first instance, contact your child’s Form Tutor and the problem can be discussed. The effort of settling into a new school can be stressful for some students. It is a long school day and they are busy making new friends and learning new subjects so that when they get home they might react by being quieter than normal or grumpier. However it is important that we do not overlook any other difficulties which they might have. Please also inform us of any home problems which could affect your child’s work.

If my child loses an item of uniform?

Please ensure that all items are named; if they are not it is highly unlikely that we shall be able to return the item to your child. If the item is named, please ask your child to look for the item where he/she last remembers having it. The student should check lost property; if the item is not there, they should report the loss to Reception and his/her Form Teacher who will take the matter further. Please remember to name replacement items of uniform as you purchase them.

Whilst the item of uniform is being searched for a similar item may be "borrowed" from our store, with the exception of ties.

If my child loses a piece of equipment?

Please ensure that all items are named; if they are not, it is highly unlikely that we shall be able to return the item to your child. If the item is named, please ask your child to look for the item where he/she last remembers having it. If it is not there, the student should report the loss to Reception and his/her form teacher who will take the matter further. Sometimes a student picks up the wrong bag by mistake. That should be taken to Reception, where your child’s missing bag should also have been taken.

If my child needs to bring a mobile phone to school?

Children are discouraged from bringing phones into school. In emergencies, such as missed buses, cancelled matches, the office allows students to use the telephone there. If a child has to bring a mobile phone with them, it should be left at Reception before the start of school. It should be collected at the end of school. Any child found to have a mobile phone in their possession during the school day is automatically punished by a Friday night detention. The school cannot accept responsibility for items left in Reception.

If my child has a Friday Night Detention?

The reasons for the detention will be explained to your child and a letter sent home to you informing you that your child will be detained after school on Friday. Twenty-four hours notice is given.

Only a small number of Year 7s ever have Friday night detentions and these are usually for a series of homeworks which have not been handed in within a term.

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