Tangshan Oriental International School

Our links with Tangshan Oriental International School (TOIS) in Tangshan, China are really blossoming.  In 2013 we hosted two visits from the headmistress of the school, Mrs Yang Xinghua.  On one occasion she was accompanied by the president of the school, a rare honour for us.

Mrs Dunmore's welcome to Tangshan.

In Easter 2014, we had the chance to make a return visit to TOIS.  Mrs Dunmore was part of a delegation, sponsored by the British Council to visit partner schools in China.  Mrs Dunmore toured the school and saw displays about QEHS, done by the students and given pride of place in the school corridors. She watched lessons and morning exercises, which every member of the school participates in together. She also gave a presentation to the Chinese teachers about QEHS and was observed teaching Chinese classes by many of her Chinese colleagues.  She also conducted a Skype link between Chinese students and  Year 10 students in QEHS, who broke their Easter holidays in order to take part. All in all this was a fascinating expereience for all involved.

Mrs Dunmore teaching in Tangshan.

Mrs Yang Xinghua returned to visit in early June 2014; this time bringing the Chairman of TOIS, who was suitably impressed with our facilities, curriculum and the behaviour of our students.  He was also hugely impressed by the skills of students in our arts faculty, listening to a string quartet and seeing examples of art and drama being taught, courtesy of Mrs Muir and her team.

Our welcome for Mrs Yang Xinghua and the Chairman of TOIS

Mrs Yang Xinghua joined in with a Skype conversation between her students in China and students of 7B who have been ‘Epal ing’ with students in TOIS and are completing a project, ‘How other people live’, in Mrs Bennett’s English classes.  Mrs Yang Xinghua also team taught a geography lesson with Miss Collingham, relaying her experiences of the 1976 Tangshan earthquake to students of 7B. 

The relationship with TOIS has continued to go from strength to strength.  Miss Collingham spent 2 weeks over the summer holidays setting up a summer language school at TOIs and found out what it's really like to work in a Chinese school.  She thoroughly enjoyed the experience and established lasting friendships with both staff and students.   Needless to say we have plans for many more joint activities between QEHS students and their Chinese counterparts.


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