Supporting your Child


As the Department for Education emphasises, the three most important ways you can help are to:

  • Take an interest in what your child is learning at school and encourage him/her to tell you about it


  • Praise him/her when he/she has done well


  • Give him/her a quiet space in which to do his/her homework


    In addition you can help your child if you:


  • Encourage them to have a regular evening slot for homework


  • Encourage him/her to read quietly for 20 minutes a day


  • Find opportunities for him/her to use numbers in everyday situations and encourage him/her to work out sums in his/her head


  • Encourage him/her to follow up interests and talk about them


  • Try to keep up to date with what he/she is learning at school and talk regularly about it


  • Help him/her to be ready to learn and not tired when he/she goes to school


  • Make sure he/she does not miss any exams, unless he/she is ill


    During mid-June there will normally be end of year internal exams.  On the basis of these results your child will be put into sets for some subjects in Year 8.

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