School Aims


 At QEHS, we aim for high standards in all we do.

We strive to fulfil the potential of each student. We set out to develop knowledge, understanding, skills and values and we encourage endeavour and achievement of all kinds, academic, sporting, artistic and personal.

We aim to achieve this through a carefully planned, broad education in which enthusiastic teachers use a variety of teaching styles in activities inside and outside the classroom. We work hard to involve students and parents in responsibility for learning. Staff set themselves high standards and expect the same from students.

We aim to maintain a friendly and caring atmosphere, in which students and staff share a mutual respect. We expect responsible behaviour from students: they can expect fair treatment from staff. We intend to keep parents and students fully informed about our policies and achievements and to listen to their views.

When they leave QEHS, we want students to be well‑balanced adults, inspired to continue their learning and able to contribute positively to society.

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