Lion King - June/July 2015

Huge congratulations to all involved in the production of the Lion King.   Performances by forms 7A, 7B and 7C on the first night (29th June), 7D, 7E and 7S on the second night (30th June), and a performance by an auditioned cast from Years 8 and 9 on the third night (8th July).  

All Year 7 students have been involved in putting together this amazing performance, production of which has been a collaboration between the Art, Music and Drama departments.  Students have made masks in Art, honed their acting abilities in Drama, and perfected their choral and musical talents in Music.  All of these combined, along with the dedication of students and staff, has led to a wonderful production which has been enjoyed by many. 

The production will enable our Year 7 students to achieve their Arts Award (Bronze) in September. 

Well done everybody!


Feedback from a member of the audience ...

‘Just wanted to say a MASSIVE well done to the arts team, who created such a fab production of the Lion King…I know how much work and determination and self sacrifice this will have involved, never mind talent, knowledge and skill!!!

And it was evident in bucket loads last night and I hope tonight is as equally rewarding for everyone involved…

To achieve SUCH tremendous, high quality work, with a totally INCLUSIVE level of involvement, from so many young students is a HUGE testament to you all…

I raise a metaphorical glass to the team!!!!

Brilliant work…



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