Mvumi School Trust

Our links with Mvumi school in Tanzania are very exciting.  We established the link at the start of 2014 with students from Mrs Bennett’s 8B English class and Mrs Evan’s ICT classes exchanging ‘A day in the life of…’ projects with their Tanzanian counterparts. 

Received from students of Form IV: 

Sent from students of QEHS 8B: 

The similarities between students’ lives the world over was fascinating but perhaps more intriguing were the differences; students in Tanzania often complained that their teachers were not setting enough work!

The project has developed into its next stage with students from 8S exchanging water diaries with Tanzanian students, a project which is highlighting just what a precious resource water is in Tanzania.

A students water diary: 

Mvumi Teacher at QEHS

The highlight of the project in 2014 has been the visit of Mr and Mrs Metcalf, English volunteers working in Mvumi school.  They toured QEHS whilst on a short visit back to the UK. They met students from 8B and gave a presentation to students of 8C about their experiences in Tanzania.

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