Learner Licence

QEHS Habits of Learning & Learner Licence

At QEHS we pride ourselves on developing well-rounded young people who understand how best to learn and who have a desire to contribute to a wider community, either through our own House events or other outside of school activities.  To help our learners develop these skills we have established the QEHS Habits of Learning [HoL] and Learner Licence [LL].

The Habits of Learning

The HoL were identified through whole staff training, where we were looking at what habits the best QEHS learners exhibit.  The resulting list comprises:

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    The ability to focus on outcomes

  • Accuracy & precision

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    Time management

The Learner Licence


The LL is aimed at Year 7 only and is printed in the student’s planner. It is designed to recognise the progress that students make, as well as helping them identify areas that they need to develop further.  The LL is split into two distinct areas, the HoLs and wider contributions [or activities].  At three points during the school year students will work with their Form Tutor on various LL activities and at the end of the academic year they will have their achievements moderated by their peers. After moderation the students will be awarded postcards and badges according to what they have achieved.

We ask that you, as a parent, support the LL and help your youngsters see what evidence they can collate.  Rewards are integral to the LL and they comprise merits, specially designed LL postcards and badges.

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