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    Parents and students will have had details of study leave arrangements. Timetabled lessons will continue as normal until half term. Staff will continue to offer targeted examination preparation in these lessons right up until the exams in their subjects. Parents and students will also have seen that there are a number of additional pre-exam prep lessons being put on during the session before the appropriate GCSE exams, please make the most of these.

    Staff will be available throughout the examination period to help with any questions and offer support. However, they are still teaching other students across the school and may be involved in things like moderation meetings and students need to be aware that staff timetables change after half term. We would therefore suggest that students on study leave wanting 1:1 or small group support, beyond that which has already been advertised to them, e-mail the member of staff concerned to find a mutually convenient time prior to coming in. If support is needed, in terms of feedback on practice paper questions that students have attempted, the time is often more productive if the answers are sent in after the student has had a look at a mark scheme themselves, where these are available, and before they want to see the member of staff concerned.



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