In Year 7 students are expected to do about 30 minutes homework per subject each night.  During the first term only 20 minutes per subject is expected.  Students can expect homework to be set regularly.

We strive to ensure that whenever possible students will have a minimum of 2 evenings in which to complete a piece of homework.

Students will be set one or two homeworks per subject per fortnight depending on how often they have lessons in that subject.

Each time a student is given homework they should write exactly what the subject and task are in their planner.  They should also record the day the work is due in.

When no homework is set students should record the subject plus the words ‘no homework set’ alongside it.

Homework - The Role of Parents

How to support your child academically                                                    

We would like you to check and sign your child’s planner each week to show that you are aware of the work set.  It would be helpful if you could check that your child is writing down exactly what homework has to be done and when it is to be handed in.  If he/she does not know the precise question, the answer is unlikely to be accurate and complete.  Parents can also use the planner as a means of communicating with individual subject staff.

It would be appreciated if you could help your child become organised.  You could help him or her check that they have the right books and equipment for the next day and that they have also packed the homework books which will need to be handed in.                       

Discussing work with your child is also a good way of supporting him/her though actually checking through and correcting his/her work is not productive as it will prevent your child developing his or her skills and might hide from the class teacher problems which could otherwise have been remedied quickly.

Try to help your child learn good homework habits, setting aside a specific time in the evening each day when homework has to be done.  This should not be too late or tiredness will prevent it being done well.

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