We plan our curriculum carefully to ensure a broad education for all students throughout the whole of their careers at the school, including the sixth form.

By breadth, we mean:

  • The study of a broad variety of subject areas, with the varying demands upon the mind and body which this provides. This ensures that we deliver over and above the National Curriculum subjects.
  • Details of choices for Key Stage 4, and the Sixth Form web page showing subject lists for KS5, can be found by clicking the links at the bottom of the page.
  • Broad intellectual development - we expect that students should develop not just knowledge but also skills, aesthetic appreciation and an understanding of concepts and the community they live in at local, national and global scales, as well as appropriate attitudes and values.

This breadth is planned in a number of ways, both in the classroom during timetabled lessons and outside the classroom through a wide range of "extra-curricular" activities. Most of these opportunities are open to students of all abilities and involve everyone in the year group.

Our House System, which is largely student-led, is an important part of the framework through which we plan many of these events and competitions. Where appropriate, we also encourage and facilitate participation at county, regional and national level.

The level of challenge appears to be pitched correctly. Our child has loved his time at QEHS from day one. He appears to enjoy most subjects and particularly football in which he has been given a lot of opportunity.
From the NFER Parental Survey

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