Careers Education and Guidance

Careers Education and Guidance at QEHS aims to develop in students the knowledge, skills, attitudes and understanding that will allow them to succeed in careers that best suit their skills,  through planned learning experiences.  These experiences should enable students to make informed and realistic decisions about school and post-school options and prepare effectively for working life.  As such, it makes a valuable contribution to the school’s general aims, in particular those concerned with the personal, social, vocational and cultural development of students, whatever their background, gender, ethnic origin or abilities.  It builds on the broad aims identified in ‘Statutory Careers Guidance for Young People’.  In addition the provision continues to reinforce previous guidance, in particular QCA’s guidance on learning outcomes (‘Learning Outcomes from Careers Education and Guidance’, 1999).

Careers Education and Guidance is to be found in the PSHEE programme, which operate from Year 7 to Year 13.  It is supported by Mr J Kingdom and Mrs J Cook, who also provide interviews for students, alongside staff in school.

Responsibility for the implementation of this policy lies with all members of staff, guided and supported by the Careers Co-ordinator.



All students are entitled to, and receive, careers guidance and support within their overall education at QEHS.  The core components of the student entitlement are:

  • Access to impartial individual guidance from staff within school and within the external accredited services (where available) alongside other impartial providers
  • Participation in a careers programme
  • Work experience, work-related learning activities and industry links
  • Open access to a well-stocked Careers Information Resource Base and School Library
  • The opportunity for individual career planning through a review procedure and Profile of Sixth Form Experience
  • The opportunity to become involved in such initiatives as the Young Enterprise Scheme, Community Service and taster courses in Further and Higher Education.



The Careers Education and Guidance programme is delivered mainly through the PSHEE programme, combined with individual discussions with tutors, Mr Kingdom and Mrs Cook.  Aspects of Careers Education and Guidance are also delivered through the academic curriculum when they are considered to be beneficial, relevant and appropriate.  All elements of the programme are monitored and evaluated by the Careers Co-ordinator, and other appropriate staff.

In addition, the following external organisations and agencies contribute to the school's Careers Education and Guidance programme:

  • Higher and Further Education Institution representatives
  • Local industry and commerce
  • Training organisations
  • Community and charity organisations.

Options are presented to students in an open, unbiased way.  Students are encouraged to challenge attitudes, beliefs and stereotypes, which might prevent the fulfilment of their individual potential.  Awareness of equal opportunities issues will be continuously developed through the Careers Education and Guidance programme.

The important role that parents play in helping to shape the careers and education choices of young people is recognised.  Therefore parents are brought into the guidance process through parents' consultation evenings and information evenings where appropriate staff are represented.  Parents have the option to attend a child’s careers guidance interview.

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