About Us

Here at Queen Elizabeth’s High School, we are committed to working together as a school to ensure that each and every child enjoys and achieves in all of their endeavours. Learning is at the heart of our thinking as a community and we encourage students to grasp opportunities in order to broaden their knowledge, skills and understanding.

QEHS is a selective mixed Grammar School and, as such, provides education of the highest level for the top quartile of the ability range. In this school, students are encouraged to challenge themselves and actively seek opportunities to grow and develop. Wherever their individual gifts and talents lie, excellence is celebrated by the school community.

Relationships here are outstanding and all members of the community can expect to be treated fairly and with respect. QEHS is a community where all of the individuals within it are aiming towards excellence in everything that they do. Our students are a great credit to us and we find that when they leave here, they are well-balanced adults who are inspired to continue their learning beyond school and able to contribute positively to society.  They remain intellectually curious and interested and interesting young people.

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